Behind Stellino Jewels is me, Mariagrazia, though most people call me Mara.

I am a passionate jewelry artist and creative metalsmith. My Sicilian roots and my family artistic skills inspire all my designs. My maternal grandfather was a painter and a marble sculptor, he was part of the Italian Terzo Futurismo, my brother is a renowned car designer.

I have been in the jewelry industry since 2009, after my graduation in the Art and Fashion University, Palermo, Italy.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and our two kids, a boy and a girl. I love to spend my free time with my family and friends and, as a true Sicilian, I have a passion for cooking (and eating too!)

When I am not in my studio designing and creating the latest addition to my collections, you can find me at some playground chasing after my two kiddos. 

It's one of my favorite places to be when I'm not turning sparkly ideas into reality!