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Limoni Earrings

Limoni Earrings

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Introducing the the Limoni collection. Beautiful yellow chalcedony cabochons, with their vibrant hue and smooth, rounded shape, are reminiscent of the luscious Sicilian lemons that used to hang from the trees in my grandmother's fragrant garden. Each time I lay my eyes upon these exquisite stones, I can almost hear the subtle rustle of leaves, feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, and taste the tangy sweetness of those juicy fruits. To enhance their allure, the cabochons are delicately encircled by a halo of shimmering cubic zirconia, creating a mesmerizing display of light and color. With their evocative charm and dazzling brilliance, these stunning gems encapsulate the essence of nature's beauty, capturing both the vibrancy of the citrus groves and the sparkle of precious gemstones.

One of a kind earrings.

Materials: sterling silver, yellow chalcedony, cubic zirconia

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